The Benefits of Shea Butter

Nature has always offered uncountable healthy choices. There is no doubt ours bodies are sensitive to what they receive and they respond positively when they are provided with natural elements. This is the case of the Manuka Honey (read about its benefits here), Jojoba Oil, Shea Butter, Omega Krill Oil… The shea, or vitellaria paradoxa by its scientific name, is an indigenous tree from Africa. It grows naturally in the wild in the dry savannah belt of West Africa. The shea tree is food plant traditionally consumed in Africa, but thanks to its nutritious compounds, the shea tree and its derivatives have become widespread in the west.

The shea butter is extracted from the nut or oil-rich seeds that are surrounded by the pulp of the fruit. This butter is a complex fat with multiple anti-oxidant benefits. It is often used in cosmetics, but you can also find the shea butter by itself.

Properties and uses

Shea butter contains several derivative of cinnamic acid. According to scientific researches, these sorts of cinnamates comprise anti-inflammatory and healing benefits. For this reasons, it is often used as an ointment. Since shea butter melts at body temperature, skin is more prompt to absorb rapidly its compounds acting as a re-fating agent. Shea butter also contains vitamin A and E as well as catechins. This combination is the perfect anti-oxidant that favors the skin care. This qualities help in skin problems such as dermatitis, acne, insect bites muscle fatigue, etc.

In the industry, shea butter is often used in cosmetics as a moisturizer, but it is also possible to find Shea butter as ointments. There are different brands in the market offering natural and organic products. Being a product that derivate from plants, most of the industry of the shea butter is environmental friendly by using natural and no contaminant sources.

Shea oil is also use as a softener for leather and wood. It improves the flexibility of leather tuning straps in musical instruments.

Shea butter is also used in its edible presentation. Some industries use shea butter as a substitute for cocoa butter. You can also find creamy and delicious Shea butter to complement your diet. This is a perfect substitute to dairy products that surely is going to offer nutrients that your body will be happy to receive.

Don’t forget to be precautious if you have any allergy to nay other tree nuts. You must be also aware that shea butter is available in different grades. This depends in the extraction method. Similar to other natural products such as sugar and flour, the best for your body is to consume unrefined shea butter, or grade A.

As you may realize, shea butter is a very generous element with multiple benefits. Its anti-oxidant properties are an amazing complement either for your diet or your beauty/medicine products. Include shea butter in your life and enjoy the repayments in a healthy skin and body.

Top 4 Weight Loss Tips

When it comes to weight loss, everyone has their own style, their own set of rules that work for them. Every person is an individual, with a different body type and a unique set of genes. However, the following are some tips that may help just about everyone looking to cut back on their weight.

1. Meal Habits:

Plan Your Meals: While we all have busy lives, it’s best not to wait until the last second to eat. This is often when we make our most unhealthy choices, such as fast food. If you’re at work, pack a lunch. If you’re at home, decide what you want to eat earlier in the day or even a few days in advance so that you can ensure you get something worth eating.

Don’t Skip Meals: Although this might sound like a way to avoid calories, it actually causes your body to go into starvation mode. When this happens, your body stores the fat from the calories it gets.

Slow Down: Eating isn’t a race. If you’re eating with the family, keep a conversation going. This will help you slow down and digest properly, so that you know when you are truly full.

2. Exercise:

Walking: Taking a short walk before dinner or lunch is great exercise. It may also help prevent you from eating something unhealthy afterward.

Strength Training: Lifting weights not only increases your strength and endurance, but it helps you burn muscle fat as well as calories. If you are looking an effective workout program, read this review of Insanity…

Sex: Yes, even a little bit of time with your significant other is a great, healthy way to burn calories.

Stand Up Straight: Just the strain of keeping good posture when standing or sitting can help you burn a few calories.

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3. Types of Meals:

Don’t Fry Your Food: You can roast it, you can steam it, you can poach it, you can bake it – you can even broil it. All of these are healthier options than eating fried, greasy food.

Drink Your Meals: Liquid food such as smoothies have fewer calories, but can still fulfill your needs and keep you from feeling hungry.

Fruits & Vegetables: Instead of snacking on chips, keep fruits and vegetables around at all times. They will fulfill your needs and they’re great for you.

Hold the Mayo: If you want to shave off a few calories on any sandwich, skip the mayo and go for mustard instead.

4. Supplements and Vitamins:

Losing Weight with Garcinia Cambogia ExtractsGarcinia Cambogia: While it is reasonable to be wary of dietary supplements, Garcinia Cambogia differs from others of its kind. The garcinia cambogia benefits are numerous (click here to learn how to take garcinia cambogia). It has been proven to work with your body to prevent it from storing unnecessary fat. In addition, it can suppress your appetite to keep you from eating long after your body says it’s full. Taking one capsule about half an hour before you eat can be a great step on the way to a new, slimmer lifestyle.

Wisdom Tooth Pain Relief Options

More than the cavities that trouble people, there could be some seemingly slight dental problems that will affect you. One such problem is that of wisdom tooth ache. It so happens that at a particular point of time in your life, you may find that you have developed a wisdom tooth. This is a tooth that comes up in the rear corner of the mouth. When this tooth comes up, it can be awfully painful. So, to get rid of wisdom tooth pain, one should ideally understand its causes and find the best solutions and remedies for curing it completely. Here are its causes and remedies.

The Causes Of Pain

The biggest reason behind the pain in the wisdom tooth is that it grows out of alignment of the other teeth in the mouth. Normally, children may not face this problem as their teeth are still not that developed. However, grown-ups are more likely to face this problem. This is because the wisdom teeth may grow out of alignment and this may be because there is no or little space for new molars to grow and develop in the mouth. Thus, when the new tooth tries to extend and grow, it could be quite painful for the person.

Other Complications

Other than growing out of alignment, the new wisdom teeth may be quite troublesome as it can create some new complications and problems. This is because when the new wisdom tooth comes up, it may extend too far and even try to uproot the original teeth from their places. Also, when the wisdom teeth grows, it may even leave some cavities and vacant parts in the mouth and gums. In such empty gaps, the germs may accumulate and cause bacterial infections. These are far more severe than the wisdom tooth pain as well. Also, you should avoid smoking at all cost. Cigarette is very bad for your teeth. If you struggle to quit smoking, you should give electronic cigarettes a try… You can find more information on

The Treatment Options

A gradual but highly effective remedy would be applying toothpaste in the area of the wisdom tooth. The other option would be to visit a dentist. If the pain is really troubling and if it has become quite severe, you need to get it removed. There is a complex but effective process to remove the tooth from its place. There are also some special creams and pastes that can be applied and these can help to soothe the pain and agony which takes place in these areas. Therefore, such treatment options will be of great help to the people who face the wisdom tooth pain.

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